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A Book Worthy of Your Shelf

With the online website Ravelry now in our world, the ability to find a specific knit or crochet pattern is fairly easy. So is there a place on your bookshelf (or project bag) for a crochet or knit book? The answer is - yes!

When choosing books for the shop, we ask ourselves these type of questions. Is this book a resource that would be difficult to find all in one place elsewhere? Does the author clearly communicate techniques or information? Is it a new or unusual collection of patterns or information that would be difficult to download from the internet?

One such book is 400 Knitting Stitches. This is a nice stitch dictionary; stitches are both written and charted. With a book such as this, you can turn any basic pattern into an exciting and unique work of art by trying out stitches you haven't knit before.

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