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Baby Sweater, Take II

As we mentioned about a month ago, we will be sharing with you some baby sweaters we are working on. (We have about five or six on needles.) Two weeks ago we presented the New Baby Cardigan we knitted in WoolAddicts' Happiness. This week, we have the Crosscut Pullover by Rachel Brockman. This pullover is a cuff-to-cuff baby and child's sweater, in sizes from 3-6 months up to 4-6 years. We worked it in Plymouth's Pima Rino -- a cotton/wool blend that goes into the washing machine!

The sweater is worked in a single piece, requiring seaming only at the underarms and then down the sides. The cable pattern on the sleeves is a combination of different cables that you work without a cable needle. The cuffs, bottom edge and neck are all worked in seed stitch. If the construction is interesting to you, but you aren't sure about the cabling, you could continue the seed stitch patterning up the sleeves in place of the cables (ribbing would work too). Worked up on size 6 needles, this yarn and free Ravelry pattern was a pleasure to knit!

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