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Just Knit or Crochet a Rectangle

We are knitting at Heavenly Yarns: a few minutes here and there in between working on our website and trying to keep up with home tasks when we are not in the shop. 

Helen figured out quickly -- during the pandemic and through today -- that she cannot handle anything complicated or fussy just yet.  So she picked up a new yarn, Filatura DiCrosa's Opera, which we just added to our website, and started knitting a rectangle. Three balls later (600+ yards in total) she is almost done. She will fold it in half and sew together the long edges on one side approximately two-thirds up towards the fold. This rectangle will become a summer poncho. It will be at the shop next week and a photo of it will be in the next newsletter -- in about two weeks from now.  

Sometimes you just need mindless knitting.

If you feel the same, just start knitting or crocheting a rectangle and see where it will go. It's the journey.

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