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A Local Knitwear Designer Who Works at Our Shop

Fluttery is a new slip-stitch cowl by another local designer, Reah Janise Kauffman. It is knit up in the must luxuriously soft yarn called Mayu by Amano Yarns. Because the alpaca in this yarn is "royal" alpaca, it does not have any of the "guard" hairs associated with alpaca that gives alpaca a somewhat fuzzy look and can also cause it to itch some people. The royal alpaca, combined with mulberry silk and cashmere, give this yarn luster and a more spring-like look - a great choice for accessories for this time of year. The Fluttery Cowl uses only one skein of Mayu, and is free with the purchase of this yarn.

Reah Janise moved to Belfast about 18 months ago. A long-time knitter, she made the leap into designing knitwear through curiosity and a desire for a challenge. After having knitters ask about designs she’d created, she transitioned into pattern writing, having them tech-edited to ensure clarity and accuracy before posting to Ravelry.

Since moving here, she’s worked up some designs for us as well as Good Karma Farm. She is a member of The Knitting Guild Association (TKGA) and is working on a Master Knitter certificate. TKGA’s digital magazine, Cast On, has published two of her patterns and she is in the throes of finishing a third, which will be published in their summer 2021 issue. You can find her at the shop most Wednesdays.

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