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Once the holidays are over, the winter months in the Northeast are a great time to settle down with a more complicated knit or crochet project. We all have one to aspire to! However, we also need a project to work on when we are too tired to think about what our hands need to do.

Briza Breeze knit in Kid Classic is a perfect combination of yarn and pattern to fill this need. It uses 6 skeins and a US 9 needle. This poncho can be worn casual or a bit fancied up. It is lightweight and warm with a perfect drape. Kid Classic from Rowan is a much-loved, favorite yarn of people who've used it before. If you haven't, Briza Breeze gives you the perfect opportunity to cozy up to this glorious yarn. It's grand in the skein, but infinitely better in your fingers and in the final blocked fabric. This is a win/win pattern and yarn combination. Let this be your new year treat!

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Malabrigo Yarns has just introduced a lace weight mohair and we are trying to acquire as many colorways as possible. Malabrigo has hand-dyed the mohair using their existing colorways and they are beautiful! This new line of yarn allows you to hold this yarn together with another of their yarns while knitting or crocheting. Since a yarn like their worsted weight yarn Rios is a superwash, there are some limits as to what it can do. Add the mohair and you can do almost anything -- including knitting the Briza Breeze that we wrote about above.

The possibilities of what to do with the gorgeous yarns of Malabrigo now feel endless. If we don't get to a project soon, we hope that you do and will share what you have created with us.

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We are surprised and saddened to learn that Shibui Yarns will no longer be produced. The yarns are unique and beautiful. We have our Shibui stock on sale.

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