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Baby Fern Lake

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

The Baby Fern Lake blanket is fun, and a very-little-pattern-following project. Our blanket is made with four colors, but you are free to use one or two or twelve colors! The pattern has a built-in "fade" that works the color on your needle into the next color and yet you are only working a single color at a time! If you choose a single color there will be no need to fade to the next color, but you'll get the amazing texture all the same.

Our shop sample was worked with Ella Rae Denim DK, 100% cotton (five skeins total if you want the beginning color and ending color to be the same) on a U.S. #6 needle. The result is a 25" x 26.5" car seat or stroller size blanket. The fabric is very soft and slightly firm. Feel free to go up to a #7 or #8 needle for a fabric with more drape and an increased size; or use a worsted weight yarn, which will also result in a larger blanket. We have seen a fabulous Baby Fern Lake knit by one of our customers in Berroco's Vintage DK -- which it was designed for -- and which we stock. We also stock Vintage in worsted weight.

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