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Buy a Gift Card Online for 15% Off!

When you purchase a gift card in our brick and mortar shop, you get it in a paper format. We could offer gift cards that look like all other gift cards from large businesses, but that would mean we would have to buy into a program and lose our local credit card processor and we do not want to give up the local connection.

Did you know that you can get a gift card online from us too? We are offering 15% off all gift cards through Thanksgiving Day purchased online only. The QR code that is generated when you purchase a gift card online makes it much easier for us when checking out in our brick and mortar store. The gift card is easy to redeem in our online shop, too!

When you purchase a gift card online from us for a gift, you can print it out to give to your recipient. If you want to email a gift card to a recipient, you need to purchase it and then forward it to your recipient. (This is a little quirk because we have chosen to keep our local card processor.)

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