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Hypen Knit in Croft

The Croft, by West Yorkshire Spinnery (WYS), is an Aran weight yarn produced from 100% Shetland Island wool. WYS had long awaited the opportunity to work with Shetland Island wool -- a fiber celebrated for its fineness, warmth and strength. The high levels of crimp and wave in the fleece also make it ideal for a hand knitting yarn. Even though this machine-washable yarn feels like a "woolly wool." once you wash it, you will feel its softness and drape. It comes in solid colorways and tweeds.

We chose Hyphen, a pattern from Frogginette, to show off this yarn. We have found Frogginette patterns to be clearly written (with frequent stitch counts given). Because these patterns tend to have a wide range of sizes, although this is not a free pattern, it is still well worth having it in your library. Other machine-washable yarn options for this pattern include Encore Worsted, Mousam Falls, Rios or Vintage. For cotton options, there is Nako Denim and Happiness.

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