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More Malabrigo Yarns Are Now Available on Our Website

We continue to add products almost daily to our website. This will likely continue through most of the summer as every skein of yarn (or needle) and its photo and barcode needs to be added manually. 

Over the course of the last week or so, we added more Malabrigo yarns. Both Arroyo and Rios are nice choices of yarn to handle this time of year, because even though they are 100% wool, they are also a superwash yarn. The process that turns the yarn into a machine-washable yarn gives it a smooth, silky feel through your fingers.

If you are looking for yarn and you can't get to our store in Belfast, we would appreciate your patronage through our website. Please don't hesitate to call the shop if you are looking for something specific, would like to talk through to your next project, or if you need some knitting support. We thank you for YOUR support.

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