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More Mitts

A customer told us about Camp Out Fingerless Mitts. She loves making them because she has fun using her yarn scraps. However, we were intrigued by its construction and with an odd lot of Noro's Kureyon on hand, we just had to start right away. Knitting from the top of the mitt to the wrist was new for us. We closely followed the pattern but we see that this pattern can be modified in so many ways. So fun!

We wrote a simple -- and easy to keep track of -- cabled mitt pattern. We knit this mitt using Briggs and Little's Regal yarn. We brought in this woolly, economical yarn for just this purpose -- you can knit two pairs of these mitts for only $7.95!

The cabled mitt pattern is not online. You can get it at our shop or request it with any online purchase.

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