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New Baby Cardigan

We have heard many customers say in our shop say that they are new knitters or have picked up the craft again after a long absence. With the supposed baby boom approaching, we found a free and easy baby cardigan pattern. It is also a an enjoyable knit for an experienced knitter looking for a mindless knit.

We found the New Baby Cardigan, a free pattern, on Ravelry. It calls for 200 yards of a heavy worsted yarn, so if you have an odd ball of Encore in your stash, give it a try and "pop" the sweater with fun buttons.

Helen knit her New Baby Cardigan with WoolAddicts Happiness - and knitting with it made her happy! To her, it felt more like knitting with merino, yet it is 65% pima cotton/35% nylon and machine washable. Use a pair of wood needles with this yarn and you will love the experience!

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