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The Wild Rabbit in the Window

In the next few days, you are likely to see a "wild rabbit" in our window. This is a pattern by Claire Garland, who has a whole bunch of fabulous animal patterns available on Ravelry. We chose Wild Rabbit, because it is so real-looking, and though it doesn't look exactly like the pattern, it was fun to make because the rabbit seemed to come alive as the knitting progressed.

The pattern calls for holding four strands of yarn together (two lace weight mohair plus 2 fingering and/or sport weight). Subtle color changes are made by changing out only one of the strands. You may have leftover bits and pieces of yarns you've accumulated over the years that could be used for this project. Our bunny was made using three yarns most of the time, sometimes only two. There is lots of wiggle room with this project!

The pattern walks you through step by step with lots of photos.

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