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Trescao Sweater

We think everyone agrees that Malabrigo's Rios yarn is one of the most beautiful yarns ever! The saturated, hand-dyed colorways range from neutrals to brights, helping to make it universally appealing. This 100% merino wool yarn is really soft and has a low price point for a hand-dyed yarn. Who wouldn't want to knit or crochet with this yarn?

Rios is a superwash yarn, making it easy to wear against the skin and machine washable. A tip about superwash yarns: They can tend to drape a bit. This is not necessarily a problem as long as you take this attribute into account. For example, if you don't want drape in your next project, consider knitting in a stitch pattern or at a slightly tighter gauge.

If you want a soothing knit -- where the gorgeous yarn alone makes the statement -- Trescao may be the pattern for you! (It's in our queue!) This free top-down pattern has multiple sizes and an informative schematic. You can chose the lacy raglan line or the standard M1 increase; both are included in the Trescao pattern. You may want to add your own design elements, such as a fancy edge; in many ways this pattern is the perfect blank canvas, so have fun!

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