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Daylights by Harrisville

We are thrilled to welcome a new Harrisville Design yarn to our shop.

Peace Fleece - once a Maine yarn company (which we have had at our shop since our beginning) has always been spun at Harrisville. When the founder of Peace Fleece decided to retire, Harrisville Designs chose to purchase the company. They have been slowly improving the line - in our opinion - by adjusting some of the colorways to give them more "life" so to speak and promising to increase the DK line of Peace Fleece.

Recently, they have offered their Daylights and Nightshade lines to us too! We currently have all the colorways of Daylights in our shop. Nightshades will arrive as soon as they catch up with production and we find room in our shop. Stay tuned!

If you are looking for yarn for a colorwork yoked sweater, this yarn coupled with Feederbrook Farms' Entrophy DK is a great pairing!

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