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Restocking and Stocking

During the two weeks after Christmas, amid our daily tasks, we reordered many of our foundation yarns: Ultra Alpaca and Vintage yarns by Berocco, Lamb's Pride, Cascade 220, Noro, Rowan's KidSilk Haze, etc. We also took time to decide what yarns to say goodbye to and began researching new yarns to bring into the shop. As you can imagine, with the pandemic happening, the new yarn search is much more difficult. When yarn reps come to the shop, they show us the actual skeins of yarn, which we can closely examine and also gaze upon the palette of colors. Now, this has become a slow process as we try to look at what may be interesting by zooming, looking at color photos, reading descriptions and waiting for sample skeins to arrive in the mail.

When we reordered Arranmore Light by the Fibre Company, we happily discovered that they introduced three marls into this line -- which of course we brought into the shop!

In the past two weeks, we have made contacts to some new companies and have begun to order. Although this process will take another month or so, we expect new yarns to begin arriving this week. We will keep you posted on Facebook and through these twice-monthly emails.

If you are reading this, we again thank you for your interest and support.

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