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Summer Fibers Ahead!

It is said that in Maine, you never put your wools away. If you live in or visit Maine in the summer, you know that there are times when you put on a wool hat or sweater. We have plenty of lightweight wool options if you would like to knit or crochet something new for summer.

There are also many of us who like to work with cotton or plant based yarns, or a blend of these fibers with wool. We have a good selection of cotton, cotton blends and linen currently in our shop. Coastal, pictured above, is a new lightweight yarn by Elemental Affects (a yarn company based in the USA), is a blend of wool, silk & flax. We are expecting it here within the next two weeks.

We have been restocking our Quince & Co. linens, Shibui linen and linen blends, Berroco cotton and Cascade Pima Cotton, Rowan fingering weight cotton, etc.... the list goes on.

Find our cotton selection here: Cotton & Linen and Cotton/Wool Blends.

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