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Is there room in your life for a little whimsy?

Consider this sweet teapot cozy. A free pattern is available in the store with a purchase of any yarn. (Or you can request the pattern with any online order.) The pattern is free on Ravelry, but the link appears to be down. We used Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride worsted for the flowerpot and would recommend Malabrigo Rios for the roses. The other great idea is using stash yarn for those roses! It's spring and much too early for any flowers in our gardens ... but we can knit or crochet some, pattern has directions for both.

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  • heavenly yarns

We have found simple, tasteful sew-in care labels for your handmade gifts.

These labels were especially appealing as Cheryl was preparing to send off a baby sweater that won't fit the baby for many months, maybe even a year. If a person were to write in the card how to care for the little sweater, the parents would have to keep the card with the gift until it fits the baby. What are the chances that plan would work? This way the care label is stitched right into the garment and readily available. We put so much time and care into the gifts we send out into the world. Help those you love take care of these special pieces. Some might even make it into the heirloom box. (Well, we can hope!)

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Learn to Knit Workshops Wednesday, May 4, Basics 1 Learn how to cast on, knit and purl by knitting a fingerless mitt. Wednesday, May 11, Basics 2 Learn how to bind off, seam and block your project. Wednesday, May 17, Basics 3 Learn to read a pattern, a chart and your stitches, and the importance of gauge. Wednesday, May 25, Basics 4 Learn to knit in the round.

These Wednesday classes run from 10:30 to 11:30. You may pick and choose, and each class is only $15. Please call ahead to reserve your spot, get a materials list, and homework when applicable. Class size is limited to five students. Saturday, May 28, 11-1; Finishing Techniques Learn to finish your garment as beautifully as you have knit it! This class will focus on seaming, buttonholes, and weaving in those pesky tails. If you've avoided making seamed garments, this class just might nudge you to try one. Generally, seamed garments provide a better fit than seamless. You can get a more tailored look and can make more adjustments. As seamed garments are worked in pieces, mistakes are generally less traumatic to fix. Seams also provide structure, thus a seamed garment is less likely to stretch or sag over time. The cost of this class is $30. Call the shop to register and get the homework assignment. Class size is limited to five students.

Reah Janise Kauffman is the instructor for all of these classes.

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